A Dream Trip

Can you imagine taking a trip to visit the last survivor in the entire country from WW1? Well I, David Helms, and son Chandler, age 10, made such a trip in May, 2005. The long journey from Monroe, N.C. to Charles Town, WV started on a Friday afternoon. We reached Winchester, Va. about 9 hours later, where we spent the night. Did not know it at the time, but discovered later that Winchester was the hometown of legendary country singer Patsy Cline.  Saturday morning our journey continued as we had approximately 30 miles left to reach the beautiful historic town of Charles Town , WV. Our destination, “Gap View Farm” was about 3 miles outside of town on a country road. Within minutes, the  sign I had been looking for was before my eyes: ” Gap View Farm.” What a sight! I was only moments away from meeting and speaking with the last survivor in the whole USA  from WW1 that ended in 1918.


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